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WILD – Here We Go

The band WILD is an indie-folk pop trio hailing from Los Angeles.  Having only established themselves in 2016, the band has already been hard at work putting out uplifting and catchy songs on a regular basis.  The heart of the band is the dual vocals of Lauren Luiz and Zach DeGaetano.  Unlike the majority of groups that have multiple vocalists, WILD predominantly sees it’s singers joining forces.  Luiz and Degaetano are able to blend their vocals without getting each other’s way resulting in a singular voice.

After putting out a number of singles to Spotify and other online streaming services, WILD released their  first EP in 2018 titled Laces & Layers.  One of the singles released from that album was the upbeat “Here We Go.”  It sounds like what would happen if you mixed the bands, The Lumineers and Fun.  As with many of WILD’s songs, the goal seems to be to put you in a better mood.  The band described it as “leaving behind the baggage of the past and making that leap of faith towards something better.  It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks to achieve any dream you may have, and coming to terms with that fact that’s it’s OK to be afraid while doing so.”

“Here we go
No, we’re never slowing down
Darling, here we go
We’ll get lost until we’re found
Darling, here we go”

WILD is currently out on the road in support of Laces and Layers.  Check out their website to find out when they will be in your town.  Until then, take a listen to their single “Here We Go” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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