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Talos – See Me

Talos is the stage name for Irish musician Eoin French which he picked up because of his grandfather’s love of Greek mythology.  French only recently began to focus on music full time as he had a career as an architect and lecturer.  He has brought those same well defined skills necessary to produce architecture to his music career.  One of the benefits to not relying solely on music to make ends meets is that it allowed him to take his time to ensure he was able to fine tune his songs until they sounded the way he wanted.  Talos pairs the story telling aspects of Irish music with the electro-folk sounds that run supreme in Iceland.

 Far Out Dust is his second album and it’s first single is the soaring ballad “See Me” and it takes off right where songs like “This Is Us Colliding” left off.  The song which features lyrics partially inspired by the story of serial killer Ed Kemper are crafted to tell a much more universal story of longing and self doubt.  Talos’s falsetto voice is reminiscent of Bon Iver but musically the band is more anthemic.

In my whole life
There’s silence where I stood
I found you in the lone light
Never knew it felt this good
Won’t you teach me how to see
The way you see me?

Talos is now out on the road in support of “Far Out Dust.”  He is currently touring the US with Aurora and then will head back to Europe.  Give a listen to “See Me” down below and then let me know what you think in the comments.

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