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Alec Benjamin – Annabelle’s Homework

Alec Benjamin’s career might be at the start, but it has been a lot of hard work to get to this point.  The young singer-songwriter was dropped by Columbia Records two years ago before ever releasing an album.  For many, that would be the end of their career, but Alec kept hustling on his own.  He went to concerts in his hometown of Phoenix and played outside in the parking lots to anyone who would listen.  It all paid off for Benjamin, who released his first album Narrated for You, in November.

On “Annabelle’s Homework,” Benjamin returns to his high school days where his crush on a fellow student is going unnoticed.  Alec’s plan to get out of the vaunted friend zone is to start doing her homework for her.  He eventually comes to the realization he is being used and that his affection for Annabelle will never be reciprocated.  “Annabelle’s Homework”  really shows off Benjamin’s storytelling ability with the song coming across as a story put to song.  It allows the listener to connect with the song and relate it back to their own lives.

“But I spent
22 days and 21 nights
Crossing every T, just making it right
Only to discover it’s not worth
Doing Annabelle’s homework”

Alec will begin a nationwide headlining tour in March of 2019.  It could be one of his last tours in a club setting so be sure to get out there and check him out.  Until then check out “Annabelle’s Homework” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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