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Andrew Belle – Dive Deep (Hushed)

Chicago area singer-songwriter Andrew Belle has been giving fans the best of both worlds lately.  Originally focused on piano driven pop and acoustic guitar sounds on his earlier albums.  Belle began experimenting with ways to bring electronic sounds into the fold while still remaining true to the artist that he was.  Following the success of the critically acclaimed Black Bear album released a stripped down version of those songs on an EP titled Black Bear (Hushed).  It brought a different vibe to those songs and allowed fans that appreciated the more stripped down sound a chance to experience the music in their preferred form.

Andrew Belle followed up on Black Bear with the release of Dive Deep last year.  The record built off the sound from Black Bear and on it Belle sounded like someone who was fully comfortable in where he was as an artist.  As on his previous album, Belle has gone back into the studio and recorded stripped down versions of the album on his new EP Dive Deep (Hushed) out last week.  One of those songs is the title track to both the EP and full length album “Dive Deep.”

Tackling the subject of new love, “Dive Deep” is about the time in a relationship when one person is all in and the other is still on the fence.  Belle’s vocals  come across very well on this record and are some of the strongest I have heard from him on any record.  Originally planned to be a simple acoustic song, Belle instead decided to push for them to be more interesting.  There are nice layers with the keys and some cool background vocals as well.  It is truly a different song than the original.

“And when I disappeared
New York felt wrong without you dear
My futures in your laugh
Your colors in my photograph
We started a fuse
We started a tidal wave with a spark”

Andrew Belle is not currently on tour in support of this record but make sure to check out his website for information on when he might be in your city or to check out more tunes.  Until then, check out “Dive Deep (Hushed)” at the link below and let me know what you think in the comments!


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