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Dizzy – Backstroke

The band Dizzy was formed in a small town outside of Oshawa, Canada.  It was that small town upbringing that are the backbone of the band’s debut album Baby Teeth released last month.  As the album’s name suggests, they are young band just starting their musical journey but already show a lot of promise.  Dizzy consists of three brothers Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer and their friend and lead singer Katie Munshaw.   Filled with electro-pop beats and delicate vocals, Dizzy’s sound is reminiscent of those from bands like Oh Wonder or EXES.   The album was produced by Arcade Fire producer Damian Taylor.

On the single “Backstroke” the band looks at young relationships and how intense they seem to a lot of people.   The song is layered with synth beats and calming but melodic vocals from Munshaw.  Of the song she says, “It’s easy to submerge yourself so deeply into a relationship that by the end of it you’re gasping for air, wondering how you got there in the first place. Sometimes all you can do is flip onto your back, catch your breath and float for a bit.”

“All of the strangers
And all of the foes
Come and stand by the water
Where so many froze
And I can’t feel my body, I feel all their eyes
But I won’t turn to look
Keep my nose to the sky”

Dizzy is on tour now in support of Baby Teeth so be sure to check out their tour dates so you know when they stop by your city.  Until then take a listen to “Backstroke” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!


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