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Caitlyn Smith – This Town is Killing Me

Every year countless singers come to Nashville to chase their dreams.  After falling in love with singing and songwriting at a young age, Minnesota native Caitlyn Smith hoped that Nashville dream would become a reality for her.  She found success early one as songwriter, writing tunes for many of today’s artists including the number one hit “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor.  In her own time she continued to release songs under her own name but never fully committed until she began working on her album Starfire, which was released earlier this year.

On the song “This Town is Killing Me” Smith shines a light on the struggles of the traveling musician.  In this time of online streaming and YouTube, artists must rely on touring to earn a living.  Sometimes, this comes at a great cost and can place a strain on a their relationship with family and friends.  In an interview with CMT Press she says of the songs, “I wanted to unlock my heart and dig around inside a little, and I wanted to be more vulnerable, and tell the stories I have lived. It’s more of a raw process to write for myself.”

“Nashville, you win
Your steel guitars and broken hearts have done me in
I gave you my soul, ’cause I wanted it so bad
And now I just wanna go home”

Simplicity is the key to “This Town is Killing Me,” allowing Smith the chance to show off her soulful voice and let listeners hone in on the lyrics.  There will be countless people who rethink the rock star dream after hearing this tune.  Hopefully they will see the persistence that she has shown and the success she has found by writing songs true to her herself and be motivated instead.

Caitlyn is currently on tour in support of Starfire so check her out if she stops through your town.  Until then, check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments.


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