The Paper Kites – Deep Burn Blue

Australian band, The Paper Kites, have bounced back and forth between acoustic ballads and synth pop music on their records.  Earlier this year, the band seemed to return to their acoustic roots with the release of On the Train Ride Home.  It was unclear whether their 2015 release twelvetofour was just a one off into the world of synth music.  However, the release of their first single off the forthcoming On The Corner Where You Live shows they haven’t given up on the keyboards just yet.  “Deep Burn Blue” is a song with a timeless quality to it that sounds like it could have been from any decade.

The lead singer, Sam Bentley, creates a lot of space in his songs by reducing the amount of lyrics, which allows the remaining lyrics room to come to life.  It gives the music an ambient vibe that makes the song perfect for coffeehouses or rainy days around the house.

On “Deep Burn Blue,” a woman has secluded herself from everyone by hiding in her room.  Many times people think self-isolation will help them feel better and is best for them. Instead, Sam Bentley sings to this woman to encourage her to step out her door and take in the world outside.

“You like the sound of a pink moon cry
Lying on the floor as the day goes by
But time alone means nothing
If you can’t escape the hurt you’re feeling”

The band will release On The Corner Where You Live on September 21st and will embark on a North American tour starting in November.  You can find out when they are coming to your town at their website and until then check out their first single down below!

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