firekid – Baby You Done Me Wrong

What do you do after you achieve the goal you’ve been working for your whole life?  Now imagine you are only 17 years old when you do just that.  That was the scenario for Dillon Hodges, known as firekid, when he became the second youngest person to ever win the National Flatpick Championship.  The answer for Hodges was to take his love and bluegrass and add to it a pop music awareness to create a unique style of Americana music.  He released his self-title debut record in 2015 and his been touring consistently since then in support of that album.  During that time Hodges joined forces with Heidi Feek and the band has evolved into a duo.

This duo version of firekid is back today with their first new song, “Baby You Done Me Wrong” from the forthcoming EP XY which will be released later this year.  The song finds Hodges going back in time to sample from his championship winning performance and mixing it with drum beat.  The embracing of different genres and styles really allows for firekid to stand out in the crowded Americana genre.  If you were to show up to one of their shows you might see the band being backed by a Nintendo Gameboy.  Something that would seem like a gimmick in less talented hands, but Hodges and Feek pull it off.

On “Baby, You Done Me Wrong” Hodges plays the role of his mother in a conversation with himself.  She is expressing her feelings that he has turned into someone other than the child she raised.  The lyrics perhaps even throw in a subtle nod to the firekid name.

“You don’t go by the name I gave you
Since you took this show on the run
You’ve only spent one year in the city
Already forgot where you came from”

I’ve been waiting to see what firekid would do next for quite sometime and am excited for this new version of the project.  Be on the lookout for more new music from them and check them out when they hit the road again.  Until that time, check out “Baby You Done Me Wrong” at the link below and let me know what you think!


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