Glorietta – Golden Lonesome

The life of a solo artist has its fair share of rewards and stresses.  The ability to have complete control over your work seems like the perfect scenario for a creative person.  However, when things don’t go well, it is up to you to find a solution and move forward. One way to alleviate the stress of this responsibility is to find a way to experience a band atmosphere with fellow solo artists. This is perhaps why there are so many singer-songwriters forming “super groups” within their community.  This year alone has given rise to albums released by I’m With Her (Sara Watkins, Sarah Jorosz, Aoife Donovan) and Traveller (Jonny Fritz, Robert Ellis, Cory Chisel).  Next up to the plate is the band Glorietta, comprised of Matthew Logan Vasquez, Noah Gundersen, David Ramirez, Kelsey Wilson, Jason Robert Blum, and Adrian Quesada.

Named after the town of Glorietta, NM where they recorded their debut album, the band has released two singles ahead of their self-titled album out later this summer.  The second of those singles is the heartbreak song, “Golden Lonesome.”  The song was written by Noah Gundersen. Interestingly, this song almost never saw the light of day.

Before collaborating as a team, each singer had to come with a few written songs to record for the album.  At the time, Gundersen had just gone through a difficult breakup,  and he was worried he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write a song for the group. However, he chose to channel the pain, and put his emotions on paper to give his listeners a beautiful song about a tragic topic- heartbreak. Gundersen leaves us with a strong mid-tempo rock song that is in line with his recent solo album, “The Sound.”

Even with super talented artists playing their hand in the song, the end product doesn’t feel crowded.  There is a lot of space both lyrically and musically within “Golden Lonesome.”  Emotion is where Gundersen shines on this one track, leaving his listeners feeling heartbreak from beginning to end.

“Fuck me I feel like I’m falling
and I got no place to land
it takes a real good woman
to make a mess of a man”

Only time will tell what the future holds for Glorietta, but they are off to promising start already.  The band has announced a fall tour on their website.   Until the full album comes out you can check out “Golden Lonesome” at the link below and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Glorietta – Golden Lonesome

  1. This is song does have a soothing beat to it. At night when I listen to music I normally don’t listen to the word, just the beat. I’m going to check out more from them.


  2. I cant find the video anymore such a bummer. I really enjoyed knowing about the singer and really wish to know more. I really love how you are able to find new music to share with us!


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