Just Loud – Ghost

There is something about growing up in the church that produces a high number of talented artists in music.  It certainly helps having early exposure performing in public on a consistent basis.  And if you picture an artist in your head that began in the church you might be drawn to a folk or gospel singer.  However, Just Loud is proving that stereotype wrong with his own unique style that blends many different genres.  Just Lord grew up in Suffolk, VA and spent most of his time in a small community church.  As a teenager, he eventually rebelled against that lifestyle and made his way to New York to pursue his passion of music.

Over  the course of the last few weeks Just Loud has released two songs off his upcoming debut EP.  The latest being the anthemic “Ghost,” which has song of the summer vibe written all over it.  The lyrics describe a person who struggles with showing his true self in a relationship.  That time in a relationship when you are still trying to be put on a face for your partner out of fear they will leave you if they will discover the true you.

The song comes right out of the gate with a fiery chorus, reminiscent of  the 80’s pop classic “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” but with a modern day sound.  Just Lord’s vocals soar on the chorus before switching to a hip-hop vibe during the the verses.  It puts a unique spin on the song and helps Just Lord stand out in today’s crowded music scene.

“Talk too much or not at all
I jump to fast can’t break my fall
Oh what do I do
Oh what do I do”

The debut EP from Just Lord titled ‘Episode I’ is scheduled to be released on June 15th.  By the title we can only assume there will be more music to come in the future as well.  Until then check out “Ghost” at the link below and let me know what you think in the comments!


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