Tall Heights – The Deep End

Formed in 2009 as a folk duo, Tall Heights has grown in the numbers and sound over the last decade.  Originally, there was only a cello and guitar, but the band has since added keyboards, drums, and synthesizers to morph into an electro-folk pop band.  While the instruments have changed, the foundation of the band has always been the strong harmonies between band members, Harrington and Wright.  The band saw success with their first album ‘Neptune,’ which has been streamed over 100 million times online.  Having just wrapped up a successful nationwide tour supporting Judah and the Lion, the band looks to future and their next album.

If their new single “The Deep End” is evidence of their future sound, then it looks like the band will continue towards a more upbeat and fun sound.  The production on the song is strong with drums and synthesizers taking center stage.  Overall, there are just more new sounds in this song than any other from Tall Heights song that I can recall. The band does a great job managing this song by keeping it from being overly busy.  In describing the song’s meaning, Tall Heights said, “At its core, The Deep End is a song about the willful metamorphosis of the mind and body from something you are into something you probably shouldn’t be”  It’s a place that is relatable to a lot of people.  You start a bad habit and convince yourself that you will be able to keep it in under control.  However, before you realize it, you are suffering from addiction.  What topic could make for a better pop song really?  The contradiction between sound and topic was not lost on the band.  “We wanted the track to mirror how we felt when we wrote it: sad and terrified, but still smiling lots and shaking our booties to the beat.”

“Oh no, it’s sinking in
I’m the man with the plan
When it comes to this all
Oh no, I’m sinking in
The deep end”

The band is hitting the road this summer opening up for Ben Folds and Cake, and plans to release their follow-up to ‘Neptune’ later this year.  You can find all their tour information at their website and be sure to check them out when they are in your town.  Until then, take a listen to “The Deep End” at the link down below and let me know what you think!


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