Júníus Meyvant – Gold Laces

*  Guest post by Caleb J. Murphy.  Check out his site Musician with a Day Job *

Sometimes it takes more than our words to show loyalty. It takes something a little stronger to tie us together.

This is the idea behind “Gold Laces,” a song from the Icelandic singer-songwriter Júníus Meyvant (the stage name for Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson).

When he wrote this song, he was upset about the high divorce rate in his home country — half of all marriages, he says, end in divorce.

“We live in a fast-growing economy where society tells us to dream big and strive for greatness, Meyvant says. “In that process we tend to forget about our family. Gold is pure and laces tie your shoes together; ‘Bring out the gold laces’ therefore means we should tie marriages together with something greater than ourselves.”

He says this song “came very easily” to him — and it’s a very easy song to listen to.

It opens with an acoustic guitar reminiscent of a David Gray song, followed by a subtle yet present orchestral arrangement. And before you know it, the song has built into a full groove, backed by a tight drum beat with some unashamed cymbal crashes.

Meyvant’s voice is unassuming. But you can hear the conviction. His production choices are simple. But somehow your brain is tricked into thinking it’s complex.

It’s like marriage, right?

Full of complexities and simplicities, passion and lacklusterness. It’s an up-and-down path to take, but the thing that keeps a marriage going — the thing that ties it all together — that’s the sweet spot.

That’s the gold, if you will.

And just like a good marriage, this song is gold.


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