David Ramirez – Watching from a Distance

At a time when there are more singer-songwriters then ever, having a captivating voice is a requirement.  You don’t need to be Adele, but you do need to keep an audience’s attention with just yourself and a guitar.  Luckily for David Ramirez, he has the kind of voice that can instantly perk ears up.  That voice is on display on his latest album ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere.’ Ramirez teamed up with producer Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter, Lake Street Drive), and the two decided to bring some pop elements to this record.   They essentially threw everything at the wall and kept whatever sounded the best.  The result is an album that combines that Americana sound Ramirez is known for, with a mix of 80’s pop.

One of the songs that relies heaviest on that 80’s sound is the lead single “Watching from a Distance.”  The song starts with a long synthesizer intro that builds suspense in the listener.  It’s helps add emotion to Ramirez’s voice when he does finally starts to sing.   He has a remarkable ability to write songs that appear so specific but that listeners are able to connect to their own lives.  This one is no different. In explaining the song’s meaning to Uproxx, Ramirez said “Most times, when a relationship ends, there is a season of mourning but then the clouds part, the sun rises, and we move on.  What happens if and when the sun doesn’t rise? What happens if, no matter how hard we try, we can’t move on?”

“Don’t you dare think
That I don’t think about you
Just cause we can’t speak
Doesn’t mean you’re not on my mind”

Ramirez is once again out on the road promoting this record.  He will doing a Bootleg tour in June and July, including a stop at City Winery in Chicago on June 21st.  Every show will be recorded, and everyone in attendance will get a free download of the concert.  Check out “Watching from a Distance” at the link below and let me know what you think.


8 thoughts on “David Ramirez – Watching from a Distance

  1. The reason why I love Ed Sheeran (and acoustics and indie bands) so much is because of the way they captivate our ears even with just their voice and words and David Ramirez in his song here does just that! Will look into more of his work.

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