Marc Scibilia – Over You

The music business has been playing cruel jokes on artists for a long time now. Marc Scibilia knows this all too well, having his record company fold only weeks after his debut record was released. The good news for music fans is that it didn’t slow him down in the slightest. The Nashville singer-songwriter has continued to grow his fan base around the world the old fashioned way- playing live shows!

The last year has seen Scibilia’s music head in two different directions. First he released the sentimental “Summer Clothes,” an acoustic song about the relationship between a parent and a child who has moved away. A song his record company didn’t think was good enough for his record, yet become his biggest song to date online. Next he paired up with German DJ and producer Robin Schulz on the European club hit “Unforgettable.” The song has exposed Scibilia to a whole new audience, and he looks to capitalize on those new fans with his latest single.

On “Over You,” Scibilia is looking back at a past relationship that is still haunting him. He has made a career out of sentimental songs that invoke memories and this is one of his strongest to date. It also brings together multiple genres of within one song. Starting out as a simple piano ballad, the song add instruments and drum beats until becoming something that would be at home on Top 40 radio.

“I loved you in a past life
I loved you in a dream that I had
Now I need you for the last time
Again and again”

In conjunction with the release of “Over You,” Scibilia has announced a string of tour dates. The shows include a stop at Schubas in Chicago on May 20th. Check out the song below and let me know what you think of it in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Marc Scibilia – Over You

  1. Honestly? I love discovering new artists and new songs! I totally love indulging in listening to music and this song is absolutely love love for me thanks for sharing ❤


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