Jade Bird – Lottery

One listen to “Lottery” by Jade Bird and you’ll know you are hearing a superstar in the making.  The twenty year old native of England has already been praised by the likes of NPR and Pitchfork.  Growing up in a household with EDM loving parents, Bird managed to find her way into blues bars of Wales by the time she was fourteen, and later drawn to country music by the strong female presence of artists like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn.  The result is an artist that has been compared to everyone from Patti Smith to Emmylou Harris.

On “Lottery,” Bird leans on her pop sensibilities to create an addictive two and half minute foot stomper of a song.  The driving force behind the song is her voice.  Gone is the more delicate voice that was featured on her debut EP. She instead showcases her raw and aggressive tone, especially in the chorus.  Using wordplay to compare playing the lottery with falling in love, Bird says that the hook for the song came to her during a bad case of writer’s block.

“You used to tell me that
Love is a lottery
And you got your numbers
And you’re betting on me”

Jade Bird is currently on tour with Anderson East.  She will also hit up some festivals this summer before heading back to tour in the U.K.  There is no timetable yet for her debut album, so until then take a listen to “Lottery” and let me know what you think!


24 thoughts on “Jade Bird – Lottery

  1. I also like listening to different genres of music . I was raised during the hip-hop era and I still love it but I’ve been enjoying some different tunes lately. Thank you for sharing!


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