Joshua Hedley – I Never (Shed a Tear)

Country music has become one of the more splintered music genres.  It seems like every artist is assigned a label, like “alt country,” “bro country,” etc.  It’s why it is refreshing to hear Joshua Hedley proclaim on Twitter, “I play country music…I am a country singer…Period.”  Originally known as a fiddle player, Hedley got his start by performing alongside other artists like Justin Townes Earle and Johnny Fritz.  He looks to break out on his own with his debut album ‘Mr. Jukebox’ due out later this month on Third Man Records.

Listen to Hedley’s newest single “I Never (Shed a Tear)” and you will instantly be transported to the past.  It’s the kind of song that feels like it would fit perfectly on the ‘Stand By Me’ soundtrack.  While other artists are out there trying to reinvent the wheel of country music, Hedley seems determined to highlight its strengths.  “So many of my contemporaries dabble in a classic sound but there’s always some sort of new innovative twist. My new innovative twist is that there isn’t one.”

On “I Never (Shed a Tear),” Hedley professes his indifference about an ex.  Later admitting that it’s his way of coping with the loss of someone he cares deeply about.  “It’s not hard to realize, when you look into my eyes, that the truth is, this is how I make it through.”  There is a solid band behind Hedley, including strong female background vocals, adding a beautiful dynamic to the two minute song.

Joshua Hedley will be heading out on the road following the release of the album.  He will be stopping by the  Chicago area on May 3rd with a show at Space in Evanston.  Until then, check out his latest single below and let me know what you think!

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