George Ezra – Paradise

Anytime a musician has the kind of success that George Ezra had with his breakout song “Budapest,” the question is always, “What comes next?”  Many artists are eager to experiment out of fear of getting stale in the sound. On his latest record, ‘Staying at Tamara’s,’ Ezra instead chooses to stick with the acoustic pop rock sound that made him famous. The result is a similar, if not slightly more upbeat, album than his 2014 debut.

It would be easy to write off Ezra as a one hit wonder, especially here in the United States.  However, in the UK his album, ‘Wanted On Voyage,’ was the third highest selling album of the year.  The contrast between Ezra’s deep baritone voice and boyish looks are so great, they border on the absurd.  While having a gimmick like that will help attract listeners, there must be talent behind it to keep them around.

The second single from Ezra’s new album is the beyond catchy “Paradise.”  Sounding like something you might hear from The Lumineers, Paradise is destined to become a hit at live shows.  The song has built in call and answer segments allowing fans the chance to sing back to Ezra at concerts.  Of the track, Ezra says, “Instead of a particular story it’s more of a feeling that takes over when you’ve fallen in love, which is just quite heady, isn’t it.”  If you are looking for a fun driving song, this might be just what you are  looking for.

If you want to catch Ezra live he is out on tour in support of ‘Staying at Tamara’s,’ including a stop in Chicago at the Riviera Theater on April 29th.  Until then, check out “Paradise” at the link below and let me know what you think!

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