Parker Millsap – Fine Line

From the opening chords of Parker Millsap’s new single, “Fine Line,” he makes it clear that the times are a-changin’.  Sounding more like The Black Keys than a folk singer with a gospel background, Millsap is looking to branch out on his new record.  While only 24-years-old, the Oklahoma native is already a breakout star in the Americana music scene.  His previous release, ‘The Very Last Day’ was nominated for Album of the Year at the Americana Music Awards.

Even in his softest of songs, Parker finds a way to let out a growl of blues singers from a century ago.  It’s been his trademark, and he didn’t leave it behind with the acoustic guitar. “Fine Line” is about the thin line everyone walks between having it together and falling apart.

“Alright so I might be slightly unnerving
Honey, I don’t bite
I’m just a little bloodthirsty”

What I like about “Fine Line” is the clean and technical beginning that slowly becomes more chaotic as it moves on.  The song exposes a man that is trying hard to keep his life together.  As the guitar and fiddle battle each other, the song end with one of Millsap’s aforementioned howls.  The listener can decide which side he ends up on.

Parker Millsap releases his upcoming album ‘Other Arrangements’ on May 4th and begins a nationwide tour soon after.  The tour includes a Chicago stop at Lincoln Hall.  His live shows are top notch and have garnered him some famous fans. Sir Elton John stated that seeing Parker live “restored my faith in music.”  You can check out the single at the link below and let me know what you think in the comment section.

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